Home networking is becoming quite popular. Especially with high speed internet access becoming available and people working out of the home. We can help you network two or more computers in your home and setup DSL service. We can network your computers by one of three ways: Cable (CAT5), wireless or through your phone lines. Below is an explanation of each:

Cable - This is the most popular of the three. We run one cable for each computer that needs a connection. You will also need a switch or hub for the cables to plug into. You will also need a network card for each computer that will be connected to the network. This type of network will allow you to communicate at 100mbps. This is the most popular of the three but it requires cable to be run from each computer to the switch or hub.

Phone Line - This can be quite convenient since you will use your existing phone wiring and there is no need for additional cables to be run. The downside is that you are limited to 11mbps for communication on your network.

Wireless - Wireless networks are becoming popular. They have two major downsides though. 1. They are quite expensive to setup and 2. They have a limited signal range (about 150 feet). With wireless you do not have cables all over the place and if you have a laptop or notebook computer you can access the network from anywhere in the house.

We will be happy to implement any of these networks for you. If you need further help or explanations, please contact us.


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